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Published expositions by Stockholm University of the Arts.

Rörelsen först: om regi för rörelsebaserad scenkonst (2019) Lena Stefenson
Making performances that have movement as a base means in many ways to venture out into an unexplored landscape. What is to be played on stage usually has its origin in a movement-based idea and not in an already written text to be analyzed. How can this work go? Where are the challenges and what methods can be used? Lena Stefenson has written this book on the basis of her own experiences as a choreographing director with examples from various works as well as her own and others' teaching. The text is about how to create the elevated movements in a performance. How to work with theme? With story? What is the relation between text and movement? What does it mean to be a choreographer / director for a movement-based work? How are the last rehearsal weeks going? The book is aimed at anyone who is, or wants to become, a choreographing director or actor in the movement-based performing arts with forms such as dance, mime and circus. It is also aimed at those who generally want to make their scenic work more physical.
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The Visual Silence (2020) Mia Engberg
The Visual Silence explores a cinematic aesthetic that approaches silence and darkness and challenges the voyeuristic tradition of cinema. It is a cinematic form that is situated in the gap between what is projected and what is perceived, between the impression of the ear and that of the eye. The Visual Silence examines the possibility of new perspectives through the deconstruction of the image and also through a critical examination of patriarchal, excluding and exhausting methods in the traditions of filmmaking. The research project resulted in the feature film Lucky One that premiered 2019.
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OSAMSAS - A movie on how to develop scenography (2022) Linn Henriksson Strååt
This movie is an attempt to capture how I develop scenograpies using devising
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Hair, Materiality and immanence (2022) Gunilla Pettersson Thafvelin
A research on materiality and human hair as material. Can a material on itself create narratives and if so, because of its immanent qualities? What constitutes that presumed immanence?
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