Sheep Methodology (last edited: 2024)

Annett Busch, Joen Vedel, prerna bishnoi
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Notes about editing, following sheep around, notions of research --- following parallel traces, questions, concerns seeded by the activist intellectuals Henri Lefebvre and Ruth First and we will see where they will lead us and if they could meet ... .
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last modified12/02/2024
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2066663 Godard_research Creative Commons Public domain
2066733 Nord_Contre_Sud Cahiers Du Cinema Public domain
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2066846 NanterreDouble 02 CreativeCommons Public domain
2066848 NanterreDouble03 Creative Commons Public domain
2066850 NaterreDouble04 Creative Commons Public domain
2069036 RuthFirst_Libya Creative Commons Public domain
2069043 RuthFirst_BarrelOfTheGun Penguin Press Public domain
2069102 Nanterre02 Université Paris Nanterre Public domain
2069108 Nanterre01 Université Paris Nanterre Public domain
2069110 Nanterre03 Université Paris Nanterre Public domain
2069288 Nanterre04 Université Paris Nanterre Public domain
2070315 Maputo buildings Janet Cherry Public domain
2070617 RosGray_Ambitions of Cinema Ros Gray Public domain
2070654 Cinemas of the Mozambican Revolution Ros Gray Public domain
2070665 Łukasz Stanek_Henri Lefebvre on Space Łukasz Stanek, Minnesota Press Public domain
2209323 Crisis-Call-Announcement public domain Public domain
2211637 RuthFirst_BarrelOfTheGun public domain Public domain
2223692 TheCrisis1968 public domain Public domain
2223737 Crisis_ModernistJournal Modernist Journal Project All rights reserved
2223741 TheCrisis68 public domain Public domain
2223770 Bamako_sheep Abderrahmane Sissako All rights reserved
2224094 Bamako_Sheep02 Sissako All rights reserved
2224145 Jihan_Kodwo_crisis Jihan El-Tahri, Kodwo Eshun All rights reserved
2281322 Bamako03 A. Sissako CC BY
2281326 Bamako04 A.Sissako CC BY
2281328 Bamako05 A.Sissako CC BY
2281330 Bamako06 A.Sissako All rights reserved

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