Selected Interviews (2009-2015) (2015)

Andrea Pagnes

About this exposition

The exposition consists of 5 selected interviews given by VestAndPage on Performance art issues and their artistic activity: 1. For eBENT by Carlos Pina, 2009 2. For CIPAF by Karolina Lambrou, 2013 3. For IPA by Hatice Utkan, 2013 4. For VIVO/VOD by Jeremy Todd, 2014 5. For PERFORMANCE IS ALIVE by Quinn Dukes, 2015
typeresearch exposition
keywordsPerformance art, Performance art theory and practice, Filmmaking, Performance art definitions
last modified06/08/2015
share statusprivate
affiliationeBENT, CIPAF, IPA Association, VIVO
licenseAll rights reserved
published inResearch Catalogue

Simple Media

id name copyright license
207774 Quinn Dukes.VestAndPage.Performance is Alive VestAndPage, Performance Is Alive, Quinn Dukes All rights reserved
207751 Video Out, VestAndPage VIVO-Video Out, VestAndPage All rights reserved
207747 K.Lambrou.CIPAF, VestAndPage VestAndPage, CIPAF, Karolina Lambrou All rights reserved
207744 IPA, Hatice Utkan, VestAndPage VestAndPage, IPA Association, Hatice Utkan All rights reserved
207738 enquesta e-bent, interview with VestAndPage VestAndPage, eBent All rights reserved

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