Auditory filmic space as a sphere, the audiovisual chord, and the intentional archpassive synthesis in Submarino by Thomas Vinterberg (2015)

Martine Huvenne

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In Submarino (2010) by Thomas Vinterberg, the characters do not invite identification. Yet, their stories and situations are compelling. Rather than extending an invitation to follow and understand the story, this film invites its audience to live a (filmic) experience. In this article I investigate the role that sound plays in transmitting this experience. In a less than conventional way, I begin with the auditory elements of the film and from film as an audiovisual composition in order to propose a phenomenological approach to film sound and the audiovisual perception of this film. It is not within the scope of this essay to analyse the film as a whole. Rather, I would like to explore the way in which Vinterberg makes the audience feel the essence of his story through the compositional structure of the film. which I compare refer to a tonal musical structure, investigating the compositional functionality of filmic elements. To develop this approach, I will focus on some film fragments and on three key concepts: the auditory filmic space, the audiovisual chord, and the unity of filmic elements in an intentional arch.phenomenological concept of passive synthesis
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