Editorial ART RESEARCH ENVELOPE #5 (2023)

Ruth Anderwald, Leonhard Grond, Alexander Damianisch

About this exposition

The publication Envelope offers insights into ongoing PhD projects by candidates in the PhD programme PhD in Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in an innovative format. The major thrust of “Envelope” presents content supplied by doctoral researchers based on their individual artistic research and provides insights into ongoing work processes. These visual and textual traces reveal the state of the Art within its ongoing research processes. This open format seeks to reflect on experiences through exchange, as well as document relevant developments in the field of art and research. Participating projects: Margit Busch: A garden for a fish (Supervisor: Virgil Widrich) Andrew Champlin: Technique Concerns: Ballet Practice Against the Western Archive (Supervisors: Ruth Anderwald + Leonhard Grond) George Demir: Ancestral Junctures: on the expansion of ancestral mythologies (Supervisor: Hans Schabus) Cristiana de Marchi: Casting a shadow. On disappearance, emptiness and the haunting power of absence (Supervisor: Judith Eisler) Jošt Franko: The Migrating Image (Supervisor: Gerhild Steinbuch) Barbara Graf: Stitches and Sutures (Supervisor: Barbara Putz-Plecko) Joseph Leung: Post-digital Angst – An Arts-Based Research on the Manifestations of Angst in the Digital Milieu (Supervisor: Gabriele Rothemann) Conny Zenk: RAD Performance – Driving Voices of Resistance (Supervisor: Ruth Schnell) Feel free to zoom in on each poster for ensured readability.
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keywordsUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna, PhD Artistic Research, artistic research
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