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Adrian Kleinlosen

About this exposition

mv2:k (2022-23) is a 22-minute piece of algorithmic electronic music in which the biblical creation story - read by seven people in seven languages - has been set to music. In the score, which can be downloaded here, all those aspects that could be highlighted as components of electroacoustic composing are explained: techniques and procedures (including code and patches, the latter of which can be downloaded via a link), analysis, theory, as well as remarks of an aesthetic, programmatic and literary character (the contradictions of which, incidentally, the author did not bother to resolve).
typeresearch exposition
keywordsScore, electronic music, Algorithmic Composition, Csound, OpenMusic, Binaural
last modified26/06/2023
statusin progress
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copyrightAdrian Kleinlosen
licenseAll rights reserved
external linkhttps://drive.google.com/drive/folders/179gU6kZiunTFHpZoxlbW2RNI4sEsgHVn?usp=share_link

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