THE [ W A L L S ] WE CREATE : on distance in research practice (2023)

Ewa Łączkowska

About this exposition

An interactive, mixed-media artistic research process – using somatic experience, dance, listening, storytelling, and visual arts to ponder on the topic of distance in research practice. The focal point of this research process has been the somatic feeling of distance and entanglement and exploring those through movement - captured on film, inspired by and enriched with music by Ólafur Arnalds. The written story is a secondary translation of the research process, formed by the somatic exploration, movement experimentation, painting, and the process of film-making. I’ve used watercolors as an aid to help me translate and express the inquiry in the form of text.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsdistance, artistic research, mixed media, dance, entanglement, Knowing
last modified26/11/2023
share statusprivate
copyrightEwa Łączkowska, music by Ólafur Arnalds (license obtained for this specific purpose)
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inResearch Catalogue
external linkhttps://www.behance.net/ewalaczkowska

Simple Media

id name copyright license
2260219 distance_ocean Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2260232 distance_earth Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2260260 dstance_gravity v2 Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2260265 distance_gravity v2 Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2260270 distance_gravity v2 Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2269808 distance_fire Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2269825 distance_water Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2269826 distance_absence Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2271431 distance_breathe Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND
2272042 distance_move Ewa Łączkowska CC BY-NC-ND

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