Listening to / in Public Space (2024)

Justin Bennett

About this exposition

As an artist working often with audio walks I often have the nagging thought: does using headphones to present sound in public space immerse the listener in a bubble, separating them from their surroundings? This research looks at the form of the audio walk and the possibilities of using binaural recording, narrative devices and locative media to prioritise engagement with the environment. In addition it documents the re-activation of an older work of mine in a app using geo-location and it collects documentation of a number of walk-pieces including scripts, audio files, maps and other background information. Lectorate Music, Education and Society, Koninklijk Conservatorium, Den Haag. 2023-24
typeresearch exposition
keywordsAudio walks, art in public space, Binaural, headphones, Sledgidity, Dark Sonology, occultism, KonCon Lectorate
last modified28/03/2024
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affiliationInstitute of Sonology, Koninklijk Conservatorium
copyrightJustin Bennett
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inKC Research Portal
portal issue4. Lectorate 'Music, Education & Society'
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2501619 NOTES_hoor_de_bomen2 Justin Bennett CC BY-NC-ND
2569301 Fountain_Video Justin Bennett All rights reserved

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