Dance Studio/Clearing Conversations (2023)

Chrysa Parkinson and Frank Bock
Frank Bock, Olof Halldin, Chrysa Parkinson
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About this exposition

Conversations with dance knowledge” is a development work by Chrysa Parkinson, Professor of Dance, and Frank Bock, Senior Lecturer in Choreography, and Andrew Hardwidge. The research is a conversation format that prioritizes movement between textures, atmospheres, qualities, and metaphors to express meaning and knowledge. By balancing somatic experience and language-based exchanges the research prioritizes nuances that emerge between people, places and things in activated space and time. The research is experimenting with question formation, spatial contexts and using simple materials in conversation. The process is documented by objects, texts, drawings, and audio files. The aim of the research has been to develop research methods that can emphasize the authorship, materials and processes of dance and dancers within social and aesthetic discourses of dance and art practices and have direct applications in teaching processes.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsDance, Choreography
last modified30/10/2023
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affiliationStockholms konstnärliga högskola
copyrightFrank Bock
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inResearch Catalogue, Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH)
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