How art made me (in)sane (2023)

Nabila Ayu Aviani
. Nabila Ayu Aviani

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From the moment I was born, my grandmother said the following words to my mother about me: “Be careful with this one, this child will be tough as a rock.” My grandmother was not wrong. I was a tough child – I am a tough child. It was not until later during my teenage years that I was diagnosed with the disorders that would completely shift my world. I spiralled down deeper into agony and self-destructive behaviours. My mental health consistently deteriorated, my disorders consuming every bit of me, and I felt insane. In art, I found my escape. Through Edvard Munch, a mastermind who was able to decipher and express his troubles in art, I felt less alone. Unable to cope with my intense emotions, I have always been convinced that I am, in one way or another, insane. And for the first time, through art, I felt somewhat sane.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsemotions, insanity, Edvard Munch, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, mental illness
last modified04/12/2023
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