The Relevance of Point of Audition in Television Sound: Rethinking a Problematic Term (2024)

Svein Høier

About this exposition

There are good reasons to consider point of audition (POA) as a problematic term when writing about sound. This essay addresses the different challenges one meets when using the term and discusses different alternatives for future use of this terminology within the field of television sound. The motivation for rethinking the term is the analytical and descriptive problems raised when writing about recent trends in television sound in drama, sports, news, documentaries and other television genres. The argumentation refers to the flexible and creative uses of television sound today and discusses how various production examples can be better accounted for by refining the term point of audition. All in all, four categories of point of audition are suggested for analysis: observational, active, individual and personal POAs.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsTelevision sound, point of audition, sound terminology, sound perspectives
last modified11/06/2024
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
portal issue03. Issue 3
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