Animated Ecology (last edited: 2023)

Lina Persson

About this exposition

In these works I have explored how I can relate to my environment through my daily practices of teaching, eating, animating etc. I begun the project by improvising lectures for various audiences I wanted to have input from. I have lectured to all possible enteties in the ecosystem I am a part of, from blueberries to colleagues to films. Every time something new continues to take shape. The exposition include essays, paintings and animations.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsecology, New Materialism, animation, appropriation, fanfiction, visual art, painting, cellpainting, ecofeminism, anime, climate, ecosexuality, cellanimation, environment, perception
last modified08/05/2023
statusin progress
share statuspublic
licenseAll rights reserved
connected toStockholm University of the Arts (SKH)

Simple Media

id name copyright license
348490 södertälje l All rights reserved
348209 nacka exhibition view Lina Persson All rights reserved
348206 nacka exhibition view2 l All rights reserved
348154 MEJAN RESEARCH WEEK Lina Persson All rights reserved
348152 mindmap research l All rights reserved
348150 wolf wind stone shudder still l All rights reserved
266351 drottningsmaragd Lina Persson All rights reserved
266346 mindmap Lina Persson All rights reserved
266234 detail Lina Persson All rights reserved
266220 thumb_IMG_2948_1024 Lina Persson All rights reserved
266218 thumb_IMG_2961_1024 Lina All rights reserved
266212 Lecturing with blueberries Lina Persson All rights reserved
266205 thumb_IMG_2958_1024 Li All rights reserved
266196 thumb_IMG_2967_1024 L All rights reserved
266194 thumb_IMG_2978_1024 Lina Persson All rights reserved
2100009 wolf wind stone shudder apple prores lina persson CC BY-NC-ND
2100028 Being Animated excerpt lina persson CC BY-NC-ND

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