Football Soundscapes of Java (2016)

Andy Fuller

About this exposition

Singing, chanting and the identification of some genres of music with particular clubs is an essential part of football culture. Stadium atmosphere is created through a combination of elements – smoke bombs, crowd densities, lighting, banners, and shouting – but the most intense and focused manner is through the rehearsed and conducted chanting. The range, originality, and loudness of chanting is the lure for fan groups, and an essential element of ultra fandom (Doidge and Lieser 2013; Kytö 2011). The Pasoepati supporter group of Solo, for example, draws on a range of musical styles and supporter chants to create its own soundscape in which their support for Persis Solo is articulated. During Persis Solo games, the Manahan Stadium becomes a site in which a Persis Solo-Pasoepati soundscape is created; rival clubs, such as Persebaya and PSIM, and their respective fan groups, also articulate their own soundscapes. The chanting is a part of global football culture and mediated through local cultural practices and values. This paper explores the sonic rituals –chanting and singing – that create a sense of community, based around a football team and city.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsFootball, Soundscapes, Indonesia, Solo, Fandom, Chants
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
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