Writing as the Body (last edited: 2017)

Jonas Schnor

About this exposition

In the beginning of March 2016 a delegation from the literary label KØTER travelled to the high school Nova Academy in the small Swedish town of Simrishamn. Their ambition was to conduct a didactic experiment concerning writing and sensuous presence. The set and setting for this endeavour was the alternate dimension of Sisters Academy - a performative space for poetic and sensuous learning. In order to conduct their experiment, Frederik Bjare and Jonas Schnor from KØTER followed the credo of Sisters Academy and manifested into poetic selves: The Vibrator and The Shepherd, respectively. In addition, these two beings were able to transform into the collective poetic self of The Mongrel. This multidimensional being carried a large stick on its shoulders, decorated with notebooks and ballpoint pens. For the first two days ofTthe Takeover it roamed the rooms and hallways of Sisters Academy and together with students and other staff members explored the state of lingual transcendence now known as poetic meditation. The first part of the text introduces the reader to the performative dimension of Sisters Academy. The second and primary part tells the tale of The Mongrel's two day immersion into this strange and fantastic realm. At the same time, it reflects upon what these experiences can tell us about the relationship between life and aesthetic practice. The tale is told from the perspective of The Shepherd, in close collaboration with The Vibrator (and, of course, these beings’ everyday counterparts, but it also, at times, soars into the perspective of The Mongrel. In this way the text reflects the actual experience of being at Sisters Academy, which oscillated between everyday self, poetic self and collective poetic self. The students’ writings during the poetic meditations comprise the potent material from which the reflections draw their energy. Therefore, quotes from the notebooks play an important role in the narrative. When the notebook entries are from The Vibrator, The Shepherd or The Mongrel, and not the students, this is clearly indicated.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsSisters Academy, Performance art, writing, poetic and sensuous learning, philosophy as art, Sweden, Takeover, KØTER, Literary research, poetic self
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