Kilpisjärvi Biological Station (last edited: 2017)

Lina Persson

About this exposition

Art students and environmental scientists discuss some of the major environmental challenges that the world faces, during a week at Kilpisjärvi Biological Station 26/02/2017-03/03/2017
typeresearch exposition
last modified06/03/2017
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affiliationStockholm Uniarts
licenseCC BY-NC-ND
external linkhttp://konnect.hi.is/

Simple Media

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339133 IMG_3352 Lina Persson CC BY-NC-ND
339125 IMG_3402 Lina Persson CC BY-NC-ND
339122 thumb_IMG_1502_1024 Lina Persson CC BY-NC-ND
339119 IMG_3351 Lina Persson CC BY-NC-ND
339117 IMG_3334 Lina Persson CC BY-NC-ND
338946 listening marjo palokangas eleonor frankenberg CC BY-NC-ND
338944 Lemming marjo palokangas eleonor frankenberg CC BY-NC-ND
338941 earth emitting rays (0-00-00-00) Lina Persson CC BY-NC-ND

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