Periphrasis (for a ditto, ditto device) (2017)

Franz Thalmair, Michael Kargl
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Periphrasis (for a ditto, ditto device) is an experimentally designed scenario in the draft stage, a think-tank and rehearsal for a future exhibition—but Periphrasis (for a ditto, ditto device) is also an exhibition in itself. Starting from the idea of the copy as a nowadays omnipresent yet more and more invisible artistic practice and form, seven Austrian and international participants discuss different strategies of appropriation. At the center of this public reflection on methodologies is the potential of the act of copying, its generative force and mimetic productivity. The purpose of this test setting is to collect current copying methods and to analyze their modes. By subjecting the copy to the act of copying again, new copying techniques will derive from this process, creating a research loop that is self-reflective and auto-generative at the same time.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsWorkshop, periphrasis, public, copying, methodology, originalcopy, performative research
last modified22/03/2017
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affiliationFreies Theater Innsbruck, University of Appllied Arts Vienna
licenseAll rights reserved
published inUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna
portal issueUniversity of Applied Arts Vienna 2017.
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