Franz Thalmair

Austria (residence) °1976

Franz Thalmair is a freelance arts writer and curator based in Vienna/Austria.


research expositions

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activities (collaborated)

  • originalcopy-Postdigital Strategies of Appropriation (2016 - 2018)
    Polifonia project, Principal Investigator: Michael Kargl, researcher(s): Michael Kargl, Franz Thalmair
    Copying has become ubiquitous yet invisible, both in the digital realm and in the analog world. In this research project we develop a working model that subjects the dichotomy of original and copy to a re-evaluation from a post-digital perspective and sheds light on this contradictory phenomenon. Our research focuses on the tensions between the supposed immateriality of digital technologies and their material manifestations by appropriating contemporary methods of copying and exposing them to artistic processes of transformation and translation.