Of Rules and Canons — Raaijmakers' Reflection On Morphology (2017)

Johan van Kreij
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Canon-1 is the first of a serie of five electro-acoustic works by Dick Raaymakers for which the concept 'morphology of sound' formed the principle starting point. Alongside the compositional activities, Raaymakers attempted to systematically describe a theoretical model that allowed him to get grip on the difficult matters relating composing with electronic means. This work fully occupied him from autumn of 1963 until spring of 1966. Not only led this work to a unique serie of compositions, it also laid the foundation for his later works covering the fields of composition, music-theater, installation art and writing. This important work was never well documented or contextualized from the perspective of electro-acoustic composition. Based on the original tapes, Raaymakers' schematics and interviews, this research aims to do that.
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