LABOUR OF TEXTILE & ANIMATION (last edited: 2020)

Lina Persson

About this exposition

workshop, Essay and Artwork multiple. Artistic colaboration between Lina Persson (artist and senior lecturer of animation, Sada/SKH) Jittra Cotshadet (union activist, founder of Tryarm, thai political dissident) & Nedine Kachornnamsong (artist, teacher, activist)
typeresearch exposition
last modified22/10/2020
statusin progress
share statuspublic
licenseAll rights reserved

Simple Media

id name copyright license
353161 bild_fardigliten Lina Persson All rights reserved
353157 OUTSOURCING ANIMATION L All rights reserved
353155 Filmwork:Textilework workshop documentation Lina Persson All rights reserved

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