Re/configuring TRUST: Vocal Performance Diffracted Through New Materialism (last edited: 2017)

Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

About this exposition

Summary Re/configuring Trust is an artistic research project with the purpose to investigate the act of moving between a variety of scholarly and performance stages within the continuum of Vocalizing ≈ Articulating ≈ Mattering ≈ Trust. As human beings and members of a global society, we are constantly facing how we go about facing this voice/trust challenge. The project therefore proposes an investigation into how voices and vocality can contribute to society as bridge-builders for the purpose of a greater sense of trust between humans and non-humans. The specific question I confront is “How to perform trust as an enactment between a vocal performer and her/his audience?” The project is framed by artistic/practice-led performance research and new materialist theories, including concepts such as agential realism, intra-action, and diffractive analysis. My performance research, in sum, is about exploring, praxically the relationship between artistic products/events—originating specifically in a Venetian Baroque context—and more general societal issues today. The overall purpose of the project, beyond and through scholarship, is to contribute to society with a performative model for inspiring and challenging a discourse on how to obtain trust between humans and non-humans in a world having to deal with issues such as global performance of inhumanity, distrust between cultures, and loss of respect for memories of the past.
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