Objects that Matter - Performance Art and Objects (2019)

Pilvi Porkola

About this exposition

The Study on Objects (2018-) is an ongoing art project that focuses on everyday life objects we are surrounded by. While considering the objects and working with videos, I contemplate the relationship between new materialism and performance art. Feminist new materialism offers a perspective to explore many performance art works that reveal how we are related to objects and how we deal with them.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsperformance art, object, New Materialism, feminism, everyday life
last modified23/05/2019
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licenseCC BY-NC-ND
published inRUUKKU - Studies in Artistic Research
portal issue11.

Simple Media

id name copyright license
513206 objects_balloon2018 pporkola CC BY-NC-ND
513228 kampa1 pporkola CC BY-NC-ND
513230 kivi1 pporkola CC BY-NC-ND
513232 leopardi1 pporkola CC BY-NC-ND
513234 muki1 pporkola CC BY-NC-ND
514180 objects_stone pporkola CC BY-NC-ND
514189 Näyttökuva (2) pporkola CC BY-NC-ND
514418 objects_book pporkola CC BY-NC-ND
595593 objects_balloon2 pp CC BY-NC-ND
595602 objects_balloon2 pp CC BY-NC-ND
595609 objects_book2 pp CC BY-NC-ND
595616 objects_kivi2 pp CC BY-NC-ND
595620 objects_balloon2 pp CC BY-NC-ND

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