Interrupts And Intervention (last edited: 2020)

Bjarni Gunnarsson

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Interaction with generative processes often concerns manipulation of their input and output or a variation of predefined parameters that are part of a given process. One can think of algorithmic procedures as black boxes, it does not matter how they work if they serve in a useful way. Based on a black box model, generative processes can be instantiated, followed by a reflection of whether one accepts their results or not. This often involves an idea of completion. That an algorithm produces a result that has to be evaluated and treated accordingly. Creative activity, (such as musical composition) is arguably not such a clearly-defined process. Instead of progressing towards known goals, a compositional process might constantly develop and change shape. In such situations, generative algorithms are needed that interact with the ongoing creative activity. Algorithms that match (and take place within) the context of evolving and dynamic compositional processes. This paper presents a software framework that addresses the relationship between interaction and generative algorithms based on scheduling and computer process management. Algorithms that are partial and scheduled based on adaptive heuristics. Interrupt-based process management and context switching as a creative force.
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keywordsElectronic Music, Live coding, interruption, composition, KonCon Lectorate, Algorithmic Composition
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