Poly-rhythmic structures as frameworks for improvisation. (2015)

Giovanni Bermudez Cardenas
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Name: Giovanni Bermudez Main Subject: Jazz Double Bass Research Coach: Jarmo Hoogendijk Title of Research: Poly-rhythmic Structures as Frameworks for Improvisation Research Question: How can poly-rhythmic structures be used as generators of form when composing for improvisation? Summary of Results: When thinking about the relationship between composition and improvisation, a composition can be seen as a set of predetermined musical structures that function as a sort of "map" for the improvisers to navigate, while at the same time providing a cohesive character or "vibe" for the musical performance. The improvisation then occurs in relation to these structures. I want to know how can rhythm be used as the guiding element in the construction of these structures. Particularly how poly-rhythms can provide structures that have a clear contour, alternating between moments of tension and release. For that, I have defined the following research question: How can poly-rhythmic structures be used as generators of form when composing for improvisation? In order to answer that question I have looked into the musical traditions of West Africa and Cuba, as well as the work of the saxophonist Steve Coleman. The final product of this research is a series of four compositions for small jazz ensemble in which I try to apply, in my own way, the ideas and concepts compiled during this process. Biography: Giovanni Bermudez is a jazz bass player born and raised in Quito, Ecuador. Initially a self-taught rock musician, he eventually became attracted to the possibilities of improvisation and the rich tradition of Jazz. While studying in Quito, he worked as an independent bass player performing with numerous bands and soloists in jazz, Latin, and pop/rock music. In 2009, looking to develop further skills on the double bass and to challenge himself in a more competitive musical environment, he moved to the Netherlands to pursue studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. The international environment of the Netherlands gave him the opportunity to perform all over Europe.
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