Nostalgia (2019)

Saman Samadi

About this exposition

This exposition represents a collection of Saman Samadi's multimedia compositions, incorporating electroacoustic music and video art, evolved from various nostalgic states of the author. This project was presented at "Lethal #7" from the "Last Saturdays Salon" concert series of new music, hosted by Concrete Timbre, in Manhattan, New York, on the 19th of November, 2016. An album consisting of the audio recordings of these compositions has been published on digital music platforms on the 7th of December 2018.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsmultimedia, electroacoustic music, video art, nostalgia
last modified11/12/2019
share statuspublic
copyrightSaman Samadi
licenseAll rights reserved
published inResearch Catalogue

Simple Media

id name copyright license
753371 Ghorbat Saman Samadi All rights reserved
753379 Berceuses Saman Samadi All rights reserved
753384 Vayu Saman Samadi All rights reserved
753386 Retroception Saman Samadi All rights reserved
753390 Hura Saman Samadi All rights reserved

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