Versuche im Und (last edited: 2020)

Doris Ingrisch, Andrea Sodomka, Norbert Math
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The uncertainties, the empty spaces, the interstices and the unnamable are the areas of speaking about science and art which Andrea Sodomka and Doris Ingrisch investigate in the framework of their joint project “Versuche im Und – doing art & science”. Sodomka is a composer, media artist, and member of the artist group alien productions; Doris Ingrisch is a cultural scientist and professor of Gender Studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna. In their work, both move in interdisciplinary fields, the in-between. A distillation of their conversations over the last two years has flown into the radio play “Versuche im Und”. It all began on the red sofa in Andrea Sodomka’s studio, where she met with Doris Ingrisch for talks circling the areas of science and art, and their intersections …
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last modified05/06/2020
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copyrightDoris Ingrisch, Andrea Sodomka
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