From Fluxus to New Media: mapping a intermedial artistic heritage in Portugal (last edited: 2014)

Sónia Pina

About this exposition

Fluxus in Portugal? This doctoral Research project was presented in 7th of November of 2011. Meanwhile has been refined until its ultimate presentation in October of 2013. This research aims to revisit the art of neo-avant-garde in Portugal - especially between the period 1970-1980 - , intending to offer as a contribution to a theoretical outline of a new curatorial methodology grounded in semiotic genetics applied to the heritage of Fluxus, from a direct preparatory work of collecting information from 'sources' (Eco, 1997) (literature review and consultation files), and inter-semiotic translation (Parret , 2001) of curatorial and artistic itineraries resonances of the artist and curator Ernesto de Sousa (Saraiva, 2005) , the Egidio Alvaro (Barão, 2009) , and Wolf Vostell (Fiz, Amon, & Markert, 1979), amongst others still missing and who had appeared at events iconographic voted today for the understanding of contemporary art practices, as sacom II and III (Week of Contemporary Art Malpartida in Cáceres ), in January 1978 , disallowing the overall theme "Tu cuerpo es mi cuerpo es mi cuerpo tu cuerpo" and «Alternativa ZERO - Trends in the Portuguese Polemics Contemporary Art» (1977), a multi-disciplinary event that took place in Lisbon, at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Belém, and included the participation of around fifty artists, establishing the ballast of an "Ut Picture poetics" of action.
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