Sónia Pina

Portugal (residence) °1974
research interests: Intermedia, intermediality, Fluxus, New-Media, Intersemiotics, communication, expanded-arts, visual ontologies
affiliation: Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal

Sónia Pina holds a high degree in Philosophy (University of Coimbra, Portugal) a post-degree in Communication and Law (University of Coimbra, Faculty of Law), a post-degree in Contemporary Culture (IC), a master degree in Communication Sciences, expertise in Contemporary Culture and Technology (Universiy Nova of Lisbon), and, conducts a PhD interdisciplinary research in Communication Sciences and Arts (Universiy Nova of Lisbon). Develops an applied research about the Legacy of Fluxus-art in Portugal, focusing interactivity, intermediality, intertextuality, digital poetics, digital ontologies and immersive processes of cognition. For further information, please consult soniaspina.wordpress.com and unl-pt.academia.edu/soniapina.




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