The Soundscape of Quarantine: The Role of Sound During a Public Health Crisis (2020)

Braxton Boren

About this exposition

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people must remain indoors for a very long period of time. To mitigate the deleterious effects of a quarantine, several recommendations are proposed here to improve the soundscape for those under lockdown. Some voluntary and non-voluntary suggestions are offered to reduce low frequency noise transmission in adjacent apartment units. In addition, it is argued that reverberation and binaural rendering would provide a needed change of soundscape for those stuck indoors. Even these small measures may help make a long quarantine more tolerable so that more people stay inside until the crisis is over.
typeresearch exposition
keywordsCOVID-19, Soundscape, Low Frequency Noise, Spatial Audio
last modified03/09/2020
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published inJournal of Sonic Studies
portal issue20. Issue 20

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