Rock Triangles 1- Searching for a Meteorite (01/01/2000)

Annette Arlander

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two-channel video installation (for four monitors) DV 4:3 (18 min.), recorded on Harakka Island. Camera: Annette Arlander. Editing: Christian Lindblad, LR-film. Music: Togo Musique Kabiye (Ocora - Musique traditionelles vivantes, Radio France 1984) Text: Martti Lehtinen speaks in Finnish about meteorites in the Geological Museum of Helsinki 27.6.2000. First presented in the Winter exhibition on Harakka Island, in February-March 2001.
keywordsperformance, moving image, landscape, environment, rocks, geology, Harakka Island
copyrightAnnette Arlander
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