Day and Night of the Dragon (01/01/2013)

Annette Arlander

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11. Day and Night of the Dragon 2 2013 (19 min 30 sec) HD 16:9 (performed 2-3.2.2013) This is a documentation of a performance that took place at the centre of Harakka Island, Helsinki. Wrapped in a green scarf, I call the dragon by ringing a small green ceramic bell from the panorama spot facing south on the last day of the year of the dragon for a day and night at three-hour intervals from 2 February 2013 at 15.00 to 3 February at 15.00.
keywordsperformance, performing landscape, performing for camera, landscape, Harakka Island, day and night, environment, bell, dragon
copyrightannette arlander
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