Transpositions 1 (08/05/2015)

Michael Schwab, David PirrĂ² (co-author)
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About this performance

Transpositions is a collaborative research project that investigates the possibility of generating new auditory and visual forms based on the analysis and mathematical transformation of scientific data. For this occasion, we will present a four-channel audio and video walk through a data set provided by the Computational Neuroscience and Neurocomputing research group at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, which models large-scale biological neuronal networks in order to investigate memory processes. By remaining true to the data while employing an artistic working method will we seek to create alternative encounters with potentialities inherent in the data that are not yet accounted for. Transpositions is supported by the Austrian Science Fund.
keywordsTransposition, abstract, abstraction, sciart, artistic research
copyrightMichael Schwab and David Pirro
placeJacobs University, Bremen
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