Oslo fluid border (24/11/2016)

Elin Tanding Sørensen

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Field recording, Sjursøya Oslo. Split-screen. No sound. Loop∞ Part of the PhD-study "Making Space for the Urban Blue" carried out at the School of Landscape Architecture / Faculty of Landscape and Society // Norwegian University of Life Sciences NMBU 2016-2020. Edited at
keywordsfield recording, urban exploration, urbanscape, undersea, undersea fieldwork, multisensory, artistic research, marine landscape architecture, artistic method, The Inner Oslofjord
copyrightElin T. Sørensen © BONO 2016
techniquefield recording
formatadapted to exhibition space
placeSjursøya Oslo

Oslo fluid border. Field recording, Sjursøya Oslo November 24th. Split-screen. No sound. Loop∞ from Urban Living Laboratory on Vimeo.