Resting with a Pine 9-12 (26/09/2017)

Annette Arlander

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Four performances with one pine tree were recorded on 26 September from various distances and edited into Resting with a Pine 9 (5 min 26 sec.) and Resting with a Pine 10 (7 min 10 sec.), Resting with a Pine 11 (7 min 10 sec.) and Resting with a Pine 12 (6 min 15 sec.). Four videos of the view were recorded at the same time, View from a Pine 1 (5 min 26 sec.), View from a Pine 2 (6 min 43 sec.), View from a Pine 3 (6 min 43 sec.) and View from a Pine 4 (6 min. 15 sec.)
keywordsperformance for camera, tree, pine, landscape, forest, Nida, dunes, performing with plants, performing with a tree, varying distances, view from the tree
copyrightAnnette Arlander