The Cliff Revisited (08/11/2017)

Annette Arlander

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About this video

The shorter version of this video essay (15 min.) was presented at the Research Day "How are things done, produced or effected with performance? on 8 November 2017 at University of the Arts Helsinki Theatre Academy. The longer version (25 min. 40 sec.) is attached here as well, as a small file. It contains a compilation of Year of the Monkey - Tomtebo (2005) and Day and Night of the Rooster - Midsummer (2005) inserted into the revisit to the site on 15 October 2017.
keywordsPerforming Landscape, Animal years, the cliff, Year of the Monkey, Day and Night of the Rooster - Midsummer, video essay, revisit, Harakka Island
copyrightAnnette Arlander