Revisiting the Juniper (02/08/2019)

Annette Arlander

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The video compilation "Revisiting the Juniper" (21 min 50 sec.) consists of "Year of the Rabbit - By the Bird Shed" (20 min 10 sec), "Year of the Rabbit - With a Juniper" (20 min 10 sec.) and "Day and Night of the Rabbit - In the Year of the Dragon" (20 min 10 sec) inserted in the recording of a revisit, on 1.8.2019, to the site where these videos were performed, wrapped in a green scarf, on the southeastern shore of Harakka Island weekly for a year on Sundays 3 pm during the year of the rabbit between February 6, 2011 and January 22, 2012 as well as for a day and night with three-hour intervals from 16 June 2012 at 13.00 to 17 June at 13.00. The video essay Revisiting the Juniper - with text (21 min 50 sec.) was presented as part of the lecture performance by the HTDTWP group at Carpa 6 in august 2019.
keywordsAnimal Years, Juniper, revisit, performance, installation, year, day and night
copyrightAnnette Arlander