Birmingham Central Park, connecting to Curzon Street Station, identifying the Station, the Inner Ring Parks and the Canal System as drivers to create the city of a 1,000 parks and squares (2018)

Birmingham Central Park based around the listed buildings in Digbeth and emphasising connectivity through HS2 Curzon Street Station, along the canal system, around the Ring Parks, to New Street Station and to the heart of the city at St Phillip's Cathedral, version 4 June 2018

Sequence of images to analysie the impact of the scale and massing of HS2 Curzon street station on the City of Birmingham and its horizons [with Dr Paul Cureton] (2014)

 The Pink Map: Establishing the idea of creating Birmingham Central Park around HS2, Curzon Street Station and BCU (2017)

Research Exhibition, BCU, May 2017

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