Details of the HS2LV drawing including central park as the connector to all quarters of the city.

HS2 A Catalyst for Transformation: initial concept drawing for the Tame and Blythe Valleys alongside HS2 (2011)

Changing perceptions: the sailing lake and reservoir proposed at the Tame Valley as it leaves Birmingham

Illustrations of the replenished Blythe Valley and edge of the City, demarcated by wind turbines

Clarified drawings to discuss with the Secretary of State for Transport  (2013)

 Refinement of the proposal (2012)

Envisioning a different approach: a holistic and integrated proposal for the Tame Valley, instigated by the arrival of HS2 (2011)

The Tame Valley: the social, environmental, educational and employment stress created by the severance of the city by the infrastructure of road and rail.

Can we afford to continue in this way? (2012)

HS2 Landscape Vision, Moore and Cureton, Panel exhibited at the Festival of the Future City, Foresight in London, York, Bristol & Kiev as part of the Future Cities exhibition (2015)

HS2: Finding the Blythe and Tame Valley and the topography of the conurbation. “Are you sure that valley still exists?” (2011)

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