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Brain Machine Dérive was conceived as a looped 1 h performance installation in different spaces and garden at Zentrum Fokus Forschung, Vienna in June 2021. The  Visitors at Zentrum Fokus Forschung were handed a score similar to the one here online. Welcome to stroll/scroll/click and drift around in the score on this page!

The starting point for the performance installation was the idea of an expanded philosophy reading. By digging into Margarete Jahrmann's long term exploration to the practice of dérive, we approached the environment as a mind-technology thinking trip/drift. The performance installation was conceptualized and directed by choreographer Charlotta Ruth together with the philosophy strand of Neuromatic Game Art; Mark Coeckelbergh and Anna Dobrosovestnova. Indepth practice based development took place in tight exchange with Georg Luif, technical researcher of Neuromatic Game Art and the environment came alive through the live-sound by Thomas Wagensommerer.



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Parts of the performance was also presented in an online version at Carpa 7 Elastic Writing in Artistic Research, Uniarts Helsinki August 2021. 

brainMachineDerive = ["entry room""big room""office space""terrace""garden"]

visitorActions = {"strollScrollClickFreely" : ["below""inside""outside""inSpaceAndTime"] }

    if inEntryRoom:

    make sense of the GPT2 experiment

    if inBigRoom:


    if inOfficeSpace:


    if onTerrace:


 if inGarden:


if time = have: