Data-visualization - Mind Cloud relaxation


To begin this data visualization relaxation, find a comfortable position. Take note of how your body feels. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, notice where your body feels the most tense.

Focus on these tense areas as you take another breath.

As you breathe out, allow the operating system ____________ tension to flow away. Inhale as you raise your shoulders... then relax as you exhale, and lower your shoulders into a comfortable position.

Allow yourself to breathe smoothly and gently as you continue the __________ data visualization.

As you rest peacefully, begin to form an image in your mind. Imagine that a _______ enters the space. You are in a ________, ________ cloud. The cloud is pleasantly _______ and seethrough meeting polygonal____________.

Now imagine that the source code left ________ the data behind you. Keep your attention facing forward as you observe the gentle __________ memory of light in front of you. See the dancing ___________.

Feel yourself relaxing as you watch the ________ -patterns mixed with __________retentions onto your retina. The data is moving closer to you, it’s right next to you.

Now gently stand up and walk into the brain wave data.

Let the ___________ of the brain___________ embrace you. Imagine being surrounded. Feel the ___________movement of the brain wave data when it touches you.

How does it feel? What shape is it? What color? What size?

Create a moving image stream of the data, your very own data, in your mind-cloud.

Imagine that the data gently activates the tissue and that the tension you have been holding in your body is now releasing in a __________.

As the data flows, feel the tension easing, and relaxation spreading through your body. Notice how you become softer. Feel your body also becoming ___________.

Stay there in that new _______________.

Notice again the ____________data above your screen of consciousness. See how it glitches slightly in response to your breath as you exhale. Watch how the data responds each time you breathe.

Now turn your attention back to the ___________ of the data. The data is ____________ , turning to a ________cloud. __________ and flowing.... free from tension.....

When you are ready to finish your data-relaxation session, take a deep breath.... and exhale through your mouth, like wind that makes the mind cloud evaporate.

Slowly bring your awareness back to the present.

Become more aware of the time and place you are in today. Slowly stretch your muscles.... and open your eyes... enjoying the feeling of calm and peace that remains with you.




After 1h, as a marker of time to finish the performance installations in the different spaces, the sound of a gong spread in the space and visitors were invited to gather in the garden for a short meditation session.


Originally inspired by a candle-meditation the meditation was adapted to be about data visualisation and conceived as a close. A text with gaps. Shortly before the visitors gathered in the garden the gaps in the meditation text had been filled with words that had been written by the visitors when watching the brain-wave data in the office. 


The idea to, at this concluding point of the performance, include and perform words, that had been written by the visitors themselves, is based in the research that Charlotta Ruth has developed in her PhD-research on  liveness. When listeners (or readers) have been part of creating a text themselves the words are experienced in ressonance not only with the here and now but makes the listener also attentive to the before - the moment when writing. A meta-liveness sensation - a sensation of cognitively being both in and outside of the experience, can be achieved. 

Creating the meditation was also for us a test-ground to explore how far content, framed as a meditation, can be stretched to the absurd or nonsensical and still feel like a meditation. This nuance was definetly inspired by the guided meditations we followed as part of the case study on the consumer eeg-device Muse. With the Muse meditation app seemingly anything can be meditated on; baseball, parenting, burn-out. See description of the case-study.