Jahrmann Margarete

Ludic Method - artivism research
research interests: game studies, artwork, artistic epistemology, digital art, neuroscience, activism
affiliation: University of Applied Arts Vienna

Margarete Jahrmann, is an artist, researcher and activist gamedesigner, founder of the artistic research associations Area7lab and Ludic Society and editor of the Ludic Society magazine series on experimental  art games and ludic interventions. 2020 she was awarded the media arts price of the City of Vienna. Jahrmann is professor in Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts with a focus on persuasive games, political play and experimental game design, Univ.-Prof. Artistic Research PhD program University of Applied Arts Vienna,  introducing a specific Ludic method und a playful "envelope" publication format. Since 2020 she leads the Austrian Science Fund FWF research project Neuromatic Game Art: Critical Play with Neurointerfaces (AR581).


2010 she finished her artistic PhD with the online published work Ludics for a Ludic Society. The art and Politics of Play at the University of Plymouth,UK. As a pioneer in artistic and experimental game design she has received the software arts award transmediale Berlin 2004 and prix ars electronica 2003 for the anti-war shooter Nybble Engine.


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