"Dear fellow humans, It’s well known that meditating leads the way inwards but how can we also go forward by going inside? “We need to go inside the brain, inside the skull. [...] Between 0.2 and 0.6 seconds before the brain "gives" an order to push the brake pedal, the brain "prepares" the movement. So what if the brain  instructed the car to brake directly instead of losing time on instructing the foot? This 0.4 seconds at 100 km / h equals 27 metres. You know what saved metres mean on the road, right?"

Pro-technology speech written by Anna Dobrosovestnova and Charlotta Ruth (seen in footage).




When conceiving this speech, we made an effort to take a pro-technology position in the text and Ruth also remained very neutral in how the text was vocalized and delivered.

The choreographic movement material (gestures) were simultaneously trained to deliberately mismatch spoken content as if coming too early or too late. When working on this speech we also explored how choreographic composition and thinking in relation to technology as a process (as a relationship in time and place), can convey other type of understanding or feelings than a text can do only through words.