the history project (working title)

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milano, may 2022

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this is the second working residency on the history project (working title). the residency is hosted by PimOff, in Milano, Italy.


collaborator: Edvard Stokstad

external collaborator, super-viser: Alys Longley




what's in an order?

there is an order.

these are in order.

what order are they in?




eddie and pav's notes


alys longley's notes


erlend auestad danielson's notes


anne salmi's notes

as seen on facebook
what is the history project (working title)?
the history project (working title) is a storytelling project. the history project (working title) is a dance.
"how do i treat everything that we’re doing as a somatic experience of the thing itself? so it’s both a philosophical and a physical [...] inquiry."
edvard and i arrived in milano on tuesday, the 17th of may, 2022. we've settled in at pimoff, did not take a nap, then found our way to teatro alla scala.
we are here to study history. a fact. we cannot escape the present. another fact. dancing is a way to address this conundrum, this contradiction without trying to resolve it.
the history project (working title) isn't about resolving contradictions, it is about emphasising them, feeling them, bearing the weight of them, and moving (with) them. herein lies the thought experiment, therefrom emerges the dance.



a poem by anne salmi sent to pav in an instagram message:

This is what I viewed..
I was on my phone.

I think I there were other faces too.

And there was an itteresting moment when sudenly in all the open cameras someone moved at the same time in a similar way

It was when someone came to take pictures




i discovered a mistake

i labeled files incorrectly

some of the files that were supposed to be labeled




are labeled


i tried so hard to be precise

i was precise

when i was precise, i didn't realise i was being precise inprecisely

inprecisely precise

convinced i was looking, in my mind's eye, at the correct date

i even remembered how i was going to remember

the dates