"Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Converetere ad Deum Tuum"

Michel Lambert (1610-1696)


Voice - Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano

Recorded in S:t Anne's Cathedral,  Jerusalem. 2014.

"Convertere ad Deum Tuum":

A Road Map Through the Landscape of Performative Theology

Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano, PhD in Performancen Practices (2011)

This exposition is a bilingual presentation - in Swedish and in English - of two parallell tracks through the Landscape of Performative Theology. One of them is the result of a course taken during the Autumn of 2022, as part of my theological training towards priesthood in the Church of Sweden. The other track is a collection of entangled fragments part of a MA thesis in Systematic Theology linking the work of theologist prof. Graham Ward with Performativity Theory (Fischer-Lichte 2008) and the field of Artistic Research.