Encuentros de Innovacion, Part 1

Genalguacil Rooftop Screenings

The attempt to visually and acoustically capture rural innovation in one take embraces a paradox: How to visualise what actually eludes the image? To make innovation of a different kind tangible needs time, however, it's all around, happening, in plain sight, but we might not recognise it as such.

Following the dots one will find lemons, walks, materials in transformation, letters, reflections and questions around potentials of innovation and how such a concept, which in most cases is covered by an engineering and technological approach, can be related to a rural understanding of innovation in which the old, new and not yet known could constantly renew each other. Some first results after an intense week of a pilot spring school in Genalguacil, May 2023. With so much thanks to Monsa, Marta, Manoli, Joe, Miguel, Arturo, Alvaro, Francisco and many more ... . 


Assignement idea Innovation in one Take, resonates with Labour in a Single Shot, a project initiated by Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann back in 2011.

Alexander Crilles Tønnesen

Sara Shooshtari

Kashmir Saeed

Ernestine Boiling 

Marius Lehn Reed 

Symin Adive

Alexander Crilles Tønnesen

Behin the camera: Gustav Oliver Gunvaldsen

In the field: ....

Marta Calvente and Monsa Laubautista

Camera: Gustav Oliver Gunvaldsen. Sound: Prerna Bishnoi

Translation: Maria. On set, off screen: Annett Busch.

Symin Adive

Alvaro and Miguel, the shoemaker and the mayor in conversation.

Camera: Gustav Oliver Gunvaldsen. Sound: Prerna Bishnoi.

Maryam Bashi