Bring One Example to the Table (2024, a map) 

My Olive Tree (Ali Alijabali, May 2023)

In the field (Zijun Gao, 2023)

Tony Jacobsen and Svart (Alexander Crilles Tønnesen, 2023)

Exonir (Kashmir Saeed, Sara Shooshtari, Maryam Bashi, 2023)

Nordiq Products (Iiv Aavik, Lilly Fereday, 2023)



ARTISTIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP argues for an agency that involves and engages new combinations and new forms of cooperation among researchers, concepts and ideas, technologies, resources, and machines. It paves the way for a different kind of entrepreneurship in the truest sense of the word: Rather than just a business model, it is the undertaking or new beginning of acting together across sectors, across actors and across disciplines, to inspire people to tackle the challenges society faces. What if Artistic Entrepreneurship is the new Punk Rock?