Assembly (2017)


"...bringing words into a constitutive relation with social practices..."

No one thing works, the mixture is all and messy is smarter than new. Keller Easterling: Design as Counter-Mechanism to Monocultures and Inequality. Keynote at Living Cities Forum 2023 

Michael Hardt on the chapter: "Entrepreneurship of the Multitude". Find full version of his Assembly book presentation here.

The role of the artist within?

Reframing as combinating?

Artists as Framers?

A Wish

The Potential 





as ongoing political dissensus,

as a condition for learning 

Most artists and entrepreneurs in the world insist on a repertoire that includes both object form and active form. (Keller Easterling, The action is the form. Victor Hugo's TED Talk.)

Antonio Negri

Michael Hardt

every day words disappear

Michael Hardt on the politics of love

capitalist control and forms of life

Hardt & Negri

Life means defending a form.

(Jean-Marie Straub / Danièle Huillet)

New mode of production as a heterogeneous formation in which labor processes remaining from the past mix with new ones. 

Production of Forms of Life.

Production of Social Relations.

Questioning the rule of property

Producing, in other words, means organizing social cooperation and reproducing forms of life

Social wealth is shared and managed together

>> impakt tv in conversation with Johan Grimonprez (from min 17) about why "politics of love" matter even more in times of war


symptomatic reading

"Here we want to insist that first and foremost entrepreneurship belongs to the multitude, and names the multitude’s capacities for cooperative social production and reproduction. Like many other terms in our political vocabulary, entrepreneurship has been diverted and distorted.We need to take it back and claim it as our own."


political subjectivity

not unified - plural

open, inclusive concept

what is in common?

ontological reading


reading against the grain

challenge for the concept of multitude: how can a social multiplicity communicate and act in common while remaining internally different?


The common we share must be produced


What can the multitude become?

What are the new machines of today?

And what would that mean, for example, in relation to software technology, Artistic Intellegigence, Artisitc Practice, Artitificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

What would it mean in relation to rural innovation?

"Dynamic over time"?

Create New Combinations


The Essence of Combinations is Cooperation

How does capitalist entrepreneurship reveal the potential of the multitude?

on the road to footnotes 

the capitalist entrepreneur (eg the owner of a factory/a company) and the notion of leadership -- 

>> the continuous expropriation of the co-operative power of the multitude. The capitalist entrepreneur, from this perspective, is unjustly given credit for an entrepreneurial function accomplished elsewhere (moral reading)

(who is doing the labour? who get's the credit for success?

>> the capitalist entrepreneur depends on the labour of others)

>> paid (workers) and unpaid (vast social field)

>> what are diffuse factories and complex industrial zones?

>> the conception of "masses as being passive" versus a multiplicity of actionable practices 

>>  The neoliberal mandate to become the individual entrepreneur of your own life, in other words, is an attempt to recuperate and domesticate a threatening form of multitudinous entrepreneurship that is already emerging from below.

 >>The rise of social entrepreneurship, in fact, coincides with the neoliberal destruction of the welfare state, as its flip side, its compensatory mechanism,

>> Social entrepreneurship, despite its rhetoric of empowerment, is really the translation into the field of charity of the traditional ideology of the heroic business entrepreneur, adopting something like the anthropology of Schumpeter’s early writings (with its rare men of action and hedonistic masses).

Does not question the rule of property and the sources of social inequality but instead seeks to alleviate the worst suffering and make capitalist society more humane



Productive social power of the multitude and what does leadership mean in this context?

Leadership becomes merely tactical and strategy is entrusted to the multitude.

What, then, does “from below” mean? It means, first, defining power from the standpoint of the subordinated, whose knowledge is transformed through resistance and struggles of liberation from the domination of those “above.”Those below have a fuller knowledge of the social whole, a gift that can serve as the basis for a multitudinous enterprise of constructing the common. From below also designates a political trajectory: an institutional project that has not only the force to subvert command but also the capacity to construct politically an alternative society. In: Hardt/Negri, Assembly, p.83.

David Graeber

Bullshit Jobs