For presenters

Each session has a time limit of 60 minutes. The presenters are free to choose the format of their presentation and also to test new ways of sharing their work. We recommend that each presenter leaves at least 30 minutes for dialogue with the audience. 

About the PhD project presentations:

  • 1st Year research fellows will introduce their projects: The fellows should give the audience an insight into the artistic ideas for the project and the processes planned: the placement of the artistic work in relation to the fellow’s specific field, nationally and internationally, and reflect on how the project potentially can contribute to the development of this field. 
  • 2nd Year research fellows should articulate and reflect on methods and work processes: The fellows should introduce their thoughts on something that at the moment is perceived as a particular challenge or a weakness within the project. They should also use this opportunity to promote critical dialogue within the audience and to discuss ethical concerns.  
  • 3rd Year research fellows should reflect upon the nearly finished project: Relevant issues for the project presentations could be: How do you recognise, describe and note your thoughts and reflection during the last phase up to a finished artistic result? In what way has the project developed and/or changed during the fellowship period? What have been the important choices and consequences of these decisions? What do you expect the Assessment committee to focus on in your final assessment? What do you want them to discover in your final assessment?

The fellows might choose another focus for their presentation if there are other topics that are urgent for they to discuss at the moment.

About the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme project presentations:

The project presented have received funding from the Norwegian Artistic Research Project Programme. Each session has a time limit of 60 or 90 minutes.


All presentations have a moderator. The moderator’s task is to introduce the presenter and to facilitate a constructive dialogue with the audience. Read more about the role of the moderator

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