For moderators

Moderating a session


All presentations have a moderator. The moderator’s task is to introduce the presenter (max. two minutes), make sure that the time limits are respected and to facilitate a constructive dialogue with the audience. 


Advice to the moderators:

  • Support the presenter and make sure that he/she speaks load and clear.
  • Make sure that the presenters leave enough time for dialogue with the audience and that the presentation is finished in time. Make an agreement with the presenter if you should give a sign when it is five minutes left.
  • Ask the audience to introduce themself before asking questions or giving comments.
  • Prepare an opening question to initiate the dialogue between the presenter and the audience. 
  • Focus on facilitating a constructive dialogue between the presenter and the audience rather than taking the role as a commentator. Questions work well for starting a reflection process. 
  • Be sure that both the audience and the presenter can hear you clearly and be aware that people with hearing loss might need to see your face for lip reading.
  • If the time is running short, let several people ask questions or give comments before the presenter answers.
  • Wrap up the discussion and thank the presenter when the time is up.
  • Inform the audience about the next presentation in the room.
  • Ask for technical support if there are issues with the projector or sound.


Presentation of a PhD project:

Each session has a time limit of 60 minutes. The presenters are free to choose the format of their presentation and also to test new ways of sharing their work. We recommend that each presenter leaves at least 30 minutes for dialogue with the audience. 


Presentation of a project supported by the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme: 

The project presented has received funding from the Norwegian Artistic Research Programme. Each session has a time limit of 60 or 90 minutes.

Technical support: 945 21 119


Who can be moderators?


We are always looking for moderators for the Artistic Research Forum.


Contact if:

  • you are interested in contributing as a moderator
  • you have been a former reserch fellow, you have a ph.d.-degree in artisic research, or you have been working in other ways with artistic research


Practical information:

All moderators receive a fee, and we can organize and pay for your travel and stay.

We give priority to moderators that:

  • can be there all day, or even the whole conference
  • are open to moderate all fields within artistic research