The "new" esc space in the Graz city centre is very different from its previous location in Jakoministraße (a place where we had exhibited before). Very much a "glass box" on the ground level, a lot of passersby look through its windows, you can even see "through" the gallery to the other side of the building.


The whole exhibition was built on the premise that it should engage with the people walking by on the outside, and so the "outer skin" of the mesh and its projection are not just an outside on the inside, but equally an object observable from the streets. After the gallery formally went into winter break in the middle of December, we reconfigured the show as it will only be visible from the outside. The red inner space was not accessible any longer, and neither was the multi-channel sound installation. On the other hand, we have installed two additional microphones and eight small speakers, half of them on each side of the building, capable of capturing and projecting sound from/to the street. It was an interesting challenge to transport and transform the work to the outside, giving another rotation to the ensemble of elements.

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[hh 30/11/16; 21/12/16]

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project: ImperfectReconstruction
place: ESC

keywords: [gallery, space, outside, inside, architecture, sound installation]