Finissage: Art's Birthday

The exhibition came back from hibernation for one day—January 17th, or "art's 1,000,054th birthday" according to Fluxus artist Robert Filliou. The finissage featured a number of performances taking place at esc, with music pieces by Anemone Actiniaria (David Pirrò + Hanns Holger Rutz), Guts and Faders (Margarethe Maierhofer-Lischka + Peter Venus), Josef Klammer + Bernhard Breuer + Pavel Fajt, and Seppo Gründler.

The evening was moderated by Reni Hofmüller and live streamed through Radio Helsinki and EBU radio satellites, and Anemone's final gig went live on Ö1 Kunstradio.

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Anemone Actiniaria @ Art's Birthday 2017

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event: ArtsBirthday
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date: 170117
place: ESC

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